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Watch Dr. Karen Becker's eye-opening short Video on Vaccines

         What does "Natural Rearing"  (NR) mean?


Natural Rearing (NR) is actually based on naturopathy. Naturopathy follows and incorporates the laws of health mandated in Nature. Rather than treating the symptoms of disease (or 

"dis-ease", meaning the body is 'uneasy' because it is out of balance) with drugs or medications, naturopathy looks to restore balance and wellness and to PREVENT disease.

At the heart of holistic healing is the principle of "First, Do No Harm". This is a commitment to avoid any potentially detrimental treatment options and to support True Health and Healing with the most gentle and effective means possible. The essence of true Health is that the body is self-regulating and self-healing!


The Foundation to NR, is feeding your dog an appropriate natural diet, with live, bio-available enzymes and nutrients, not commercial kibble food which is devoid of this essential nutrition. An appropriate diet consists of raw meat, raw meaty bones, eggs, a few berries and a few herbs and greens (preferably planted in the dog’s environment for them to forage on if and when they feel the need!)


I promise you, you can feed a quality RAW diet for the same or LESS then premium dog food. And it is also easier to do then you are thinking!!!


And with the foundation provided by an appropriate diet, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars a year on unnecessary 'poisons' - like monthly applications of flea and tick topical poisons.


NR is the use of natural safe preventatives brought to us by nature, not chemistry.  Natural Rearing Health Care depends greatly on a Holistic approach to wellness and uses proper nutrition as the foundation for using Homeopathy, Herbs, and Nature, instead of chemical poisons and pharmacological drugs.


NR creates optimal good health and vitality, and longevity! It is a huge head start in trusting the immune system to protect your puppy as designed, when you start with 5th generation NR puppies, from Dams who have naturally acquired immunity to parvo. They are not easy to find!


Unlike most breeders who are terrified to bring their unvaccinated puppies outdoors, and raise them totally indoors because of their fear of viruses, my puppies get lots of natural exposures and small "challenges" to their immune systems. Their immune systems learn how to mount a response to these exposures, which enter their body via natural routes - the nose, the nasal hairs, the tonsils, the lymph system and the digestive system, which is where the majority of the immune system resides! I use homeopathic nosodes to prepare their immune systems also.



How I raise my puppies:


I am also retired, so I also have the time to do extensive early training, socialization, desensitizing, crate training and more with my litters. Dogs that I have bred are titled in Conformation (Grand Champion Show dogs), Hunt Tests, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Lure Coursing, Trick Dog, Stunt Dog, Barn Hunting, Dock Diving, Scent Work, and even Farm Dog Titles! Several are Therapy Dogs, one is a SAR dog,  Service Dogs (A Diabetic Alert dog and a Hearing Alert dog for a deaf man) and another is a Service Dog in training for an owner with PTSD.  They are desensitized to thunderstorms, fireworks, vacuum cleaners and gunfire before going home.

Again, because I am not afraid to bring my puppies out into the world, they get to meet many different people before they go to their new homes. They are exposed to horses, goats, chickens, ducks, and of course other dogs, from which they learn how to read dog body language, learn bite inhibition, and more. They go on a dozen field trips, learning to be great little travelers in the car, and in the crate. They have a foundation in clicker training, walking on a leash, crate training, and more.


This early training and socialization creates an incredibly intelligent, resilient, adaptable dog, that is up for whatever adventures their new lives hold! I am not sure the link to click through the picture is functional but you can Google "Puppy Culture" to find their website, blog and Facebook pages to learn more about these protocols.

So we prefer to save our puppies for people who are interested in Natural Rearing, or for Show or Performance homes. (I promise once you have such an intelligent, versatile breed, you will realize just how many things you will want to do with your dog!)


We are always happy to receive expressions of interest from homes with a preference for natural rearing (NR).  Natural Rearing is a journey, and people start at different places down this path.  If you are looking for a beautiful Vizsla to share your life with and wish to join us on the exciting path to extraordinary health and vitality, we invite you to inquire about upcoming litters. We provide extensive mentoring as you start your NR journey, and lifelong support.



    Firelight Vizslas
Naturally Reared AKC Vizsla Puppies, Raised with Puppy Culture protocols
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