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Ashe BOW Brooksville.jpg

Ashe is the youngest Vizsla in AKC History to earn his Championship at just 6 months old!    Owner Handled by Grandsire owner Laurel Medley

Ashe earned Invitations to the prestigious Westminster Dog Show in NYC in 2019 and 2020 for finishing in the Top 5 for the year.

The handsome Strider and his sidekick! #

Strider is the first Vizsla in AKC history to earn the Trick Dog Performer Title and the Trick Dog Elite Title. Congratulations Owner and Trainer Anna Craig!


Strider is also the new Canine Spokesmodel for Rock City (famous for all their See Rock City ads on Barns), which is promoting it's Dog Friendly Menu and grounds! He is on several Billboards in Chatanooga!

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