I get so many spontaneous texts and emails from my puppy buyers, I decided to start saving them and make a "Testimonials" page on my website, so here goes!

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From a Visitor:


I am just reaching out to tell you how truly impressed I am with your breeding philosophy and the way you raise your pups. My parents are so excited to add a Vizsla to the family. I just wanted to let you know that my neighbors got a Wirehaired Vizsla yesterday and I was able to identify so many red flags after learning so much from you. Poor girl came with fleas, had never been in a crate, peed the crate and panicked because she had never experienced water or a bath before, and to top it all off... the dog was delivered to their home. They never saw her living conditions or even met the breeder.


All this to say, I sincerely commend your ethical breeding standards and can see the night and day difference between your pups and this pup. I have raved about you to all of my rescue groups. I am honored that my parents will one day have a Firelight Vizsla and I’m excited to be a part of their journey knowing that these puppies came from such a nurturing environment.          Shannon M.

Hi Karen, I just want to say good morning! This year has been so incredible. I can't tell you how much I have learned along the way and how thankful I am. Tank is doing great.

Margo A. (Brooklyn NY)

"You gave me the tools (over 63 lessons) to properly raise the 5th dog in my family's life. I have got to be the best so Emma can reach her potential. I cannot express the happiness and love that I have for her. She is special because of what you do for the breed and it shows in her."   John J. (Alabama)

Hi Karen!

Just wanted to let you know that Jane and Berra came up to train and she is amazing! What a pretty girl And smart in all Jane asked her to do! Her ability to figure things out and willingness to work with great effort is amazing!


Congratulations on breeding such a nice example of our breed and finding such a wonderfully perfect home! Looking forward to watching her grow up!                        Anne S. Dog Trainer (NC)

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Chaffee is adjusting so well! He has had only one accident in the house in the last two weeks and definitely knows to go outside. He is starting to let us know as well by going to the door.

He has learned to sit, come, lay down, and come up on the couch. He also shakes perfectly. He is learning to stay but gets so excited by the treats it is hard for him but he gives it his best shot. Chaffee is our little shadow-always with us and wanting to help out, even if that means climbing into the laundry basket to help with laundry.


He is charming everyone in our neighborhood and plays with the cocker spaniel of our neighbors next door. We are absolutely crazy over him.                                  Shailee and Egor (Atlanta GA)

I know I’ve probably said it so much and maybe you are tired of hearing it LOL but she is truly the perfect puppy. It’s only been a few days and I have so much hope that she will be successful as a Service Dog because she shows so much promise!! And it’s all games to her.    BH  (Upstate NY) 8 week old Puppy sleeping in her carrier on the plane

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I mean to reach out every time Brix gets compliments from neighbors, family, friends and just about every other person he meets! If we got a dollar every time we were asked where we got him, we could’ve bought him a brother or sister by now 😊 he’s handsome, happy and spoiled as ever.... Hope all is well!            Sam M.

Thanks again for considering us; so nice to see breeders like you focusing on what is important. Our nearly year long search has come to an end. Our best to your current litter and to all those that follow!   Tim Q.

Aug 4 at 12:17 PM

Hi Karen!  


We are diligently reviewing the homework assignments and appreciate all the great information. I’m not going to lie, we were a bit overwhelmed with changing what we thought we knew about the proper way of taking care of a dog, but your program of information you provide has helped us turn being overwhelmed into an actionable and knowledgeable plan!


 We are so excited about our new addition and appreciate everything you do to keep us updated on their progress!  The pics and movies are awesome!  We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with you and your program!  Mike E.



Wow! Thank you for your generous sharing of so much helpful information.


You have a really excellent program - the best I’ve seen.


What are the odds we would be able to get one of the fall litter pups?


Thanks again, Bill


Good Morning Karen,


Well…it is certainly a full-time job keeping up with the homework.  I mean that in the best possible way.  I am very impressed with all the articles and videos you have shared on NR, eating raw, puppy culture, etc.  The reality of what is in processed dog food made my hair curl. 


I lost two dogs to cancer and Theodore had heart problems, seizures and also stage 4 kidney failure.  After reading and listening to all the info you provided, I am sad because I feel that if I had know this earlier, Theodore would still be here, happy and healthy.                                               Ellie F. Charlotte, NC

Iris is doing so well. She is super smart and loved by everyone. Just wanted to let you know. Ashley H.

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Its been a while and we have been so busy I have not had a chance to email you. However, here are some pictures of Dunkin I think you would like. I have wanted to tell you for a while now, you really know how to match up the doggies with the owners : ) You picked the best puppy for us and he has been such a great part of the family, his temperament is just like Aidan's.                                      Jenny & Kyle A.

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Because of the personal nature of this Testamonial I did not include the names of the Owner, who suffers from PTSD, or the Dog. This is an excerpt from a card the Owner sent me, after the decision was made to get a one of my puppies to be trained as a Service Dog:

"I now had so much purpose - the first time I watched the "Puppy Culture" film, I felt so hopeful for the first time in years. The months flew by and suddenly she was in my arms. It was moving and life-changing. Just maybe I could overcome this lifelong battle with this invisible illness/disability.

From the moment we got home, I was on a schedule for the puppy. Consistency was so important for her. We slept well (I've always had trouble sleeping prior to getting her), ate well (I would now not forget to eat because she ate 3x a day, at the same time everyday), and just basic things.

She gives such unconditional love and brings so much joy to my life. I no longer feel "trapped" in my head. There is hope! Things are going so well and I'm excited for the future and am so grateful that you are a part of our lives.

His Training is going wonderfully. He's so smart and well behaved. He's also very relaxed in our home and seeks his crate out even when it is not bedtime. Of course he is still a puppy so his exuberance gets the best of him and when he is in that excitement he finds it hard to follow directions, but it will come with time as he is more respectful every week. I truly beleive it is the extra time you took with him during Day 3 through 16 with the neurological stimulation as well as the desensitization while he is with mom. Even when we scold him he just wags his tail and we melt. 
Good Morning Karen, it's Ellie, Stephen's mom. I've been meaning to reach out to you to thank you yet again for creating such an awesome animal. Johan and I regularly get together with other Vizsla owners for off leash walks a couple of times a month. An entire group anywhere from 4 to 10 of us will meet at a park or nature preserve.
While obviously this breed is very sweet by nature, Stephen is exceptional and it's not just because he's mine. I see idiosyncrasies in most of the other dogs, not major or even that off putting, but just something the owner's have to deal with i.e. separation anxiety, food obsession/aggression, nervousness, etc.
Steven will happily give another dog the marrow bone right from his mouth and nothing upsets or bothers him. I've had many dogs and he is by far the sweetest and happiest. Thank you, thank you.
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Hi Karen,

I thank God every day that we found you and that you have shown us the right path to take with Tank. He is doing really well and we have continued to feed raw, it’s super easy and I truly feel it’s super beneficial.

I do not do heartworm prevention, I do not do flea and tick prevention. I feel we are following his naturally reared path and he seems to be so much more resilient than other dogs.


In fact there was a kennel cough outbreak among a bunch of dogs he was with and he was the only one not vaccinated that did not get it . He was most definitely exposed because every dog in the group had terrible symptoms except him. I’m a true believer and thank you so much for your homework assignments and education throughout !!    Margo A.

He's really smart and very curious - it's a fun and keep you on your toes Combo!  

Jennifer D. Kannapolis


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