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About Firelight Vizslas

At Firelight Vizslas, we do things differently than other Breeders!

We believe the Vizsla is one of the most wonderful dog breeds ever developed. Vizslas are combination of intelligence, versatility, athleticism, beauty, and an affectionate velcro nature, making them a dog like no other. However, they are not the right dog for everyone.


This is a breed that needs a high level of daily interaction with you, and an outlet for their physical and mental energy. For the right people, who have the time to dedicate to them, they are incredible family dogs and will be the best dog you have ever owned.


At Firelight Vizslas, we believe the true measure of success, is first and foremost the health and vitality of our naturally reared dogs. Most buyers would agree that vibrant good health and longevity is of utmost importance to them as well.  That is why health is our highest priority and is what drives our breeding decisions.


Our natural rearing practices, mentoring and lifelong support for our buyers, are what sets us apart from other Vizsla Breeders.  Our passion is spreading the word about natural rearing and feeding RAW and showing people how to do so. It is a game changer for you and your puppy!


Firelight Vizslas have placed at the highest level of Conformation and Performance competition, including the VCA Nationals, Westminster, Morris & Essex, and the Royal Canin (formerly Eukanuba) AKC National Dog Show. And we welcome buyers who wish to compete.  But we firmly believe the accumulation of ribbons alone does not constitute 'quality'. We make breeding decisions based on the breed standard, genetic diversity, health and versatility of the dogs in the pedigree.


Don't be swayed by someone claiming their dog is from Champion lines - meaning one dog, somewhere behind them is a Champion. Virtually every dog, in every pedigree, going back 8 generations or more, are AKC Champions, Grand Champions, and have a variety of field and Performance titles at Firelight Vizslas.


When we breed Vizslas that achieve our standard of quality, health and versatility, the wins take care of themselves. And like me, once you own one of these incredibly versatile dogs, you too may be drawn into the wonderful world of AKC dog sports - which has something to offer almost everyone!

  Firelight Vizsla puppies are weaned directly to RAW food and are 4th, and now 5th Generation Naturally Reared, for optimal good health and longevity. We offer life long mentoring and support to our buyers.

Organizations I belong to:

  • AKC Silver Breeder of Merit

  • AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T.

  • Vizsla Club of America

  • Vizsla Club of the Carolinas

  • Volunteer Vizsla Club of Tennessee

  • Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta

  • Western Carolina Dog Fanciers Association

  • Delta Society Pet Partner Team

  • Natural Rearing Breeders Association

  Firelight Vizslas is in the Asheville area of NC




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    Firelight Vizslas
Naturally Reared AKC Vizsla Puppies, Raised with Puppy Culture protocols
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